He was born in Bahía Blanca, Argentina,1980.


Musician, almost architect and artist.

Do workshops with Cristian Segura, Rodrigo Alonso and Patricia Rizzo; Fabián Burgos, Carlos Herrera and Ernesto Ballesteros. Residences with Raúl Flores in Tucumán and Fernando García Delgado in Cura Malal, and since 2008 he attends the Workshop of production of work with Héctor Maranesi in Buenos Aires.

In 2016 he obtained the Bicentennial Grant for the Creation from the National Arts Fund.
In 2015 he was selected in the National Arts Fund. Grant- CCNK, Mar del Plata, along with Daniel Besoytaorube, Fernando Farina, Santiago García Navarro, Pablo Ziccarello, Matías Duville and Nicolás Robbio.

In 2007 he founded the PAAAR collective, with which he obtains various prizes in competitions and calls for architecture nationally and internationally.


Outside his country, he exhibits at Apexart Commercial and Region 0 (New York), Art Museum of the Americas (Washington); Inst. Cervantes (London); 2nd. Camaguey Festival (Camaguey- Cuba); Close up Vallarta (Puerto Vallarta- Mexico); La Cárcel - Centro de creación (Segovia), El Tragaluz Digital (Sta. Cruz de Tenerife), MARCO (Vigo), Univ. De Sevilla (Seville); Body vs. City (Córdoba), II Picnick Festival (Santander); In Sonora VII and In Sonora VIII and Zapadores - La Neomudéjar (Madrid); 2nd. All art now (Damascus- Syria); Atelie 397 (Sao Paulo).

In Argentina, participates in Currículum Cero 09 - Gal. Ruth Benzacar, 99th National Visual Arts Show - Palais de Glace, San Martín Cultural Center and Recoleta Cultural Center (Buenos Aires); Center of Contemporary Expressions, LXIV National Show of Rosario and Young and Ephemeral 2011 (Rosario); Andreani Fund Award 2011 (Itinerant); Bienal of Visual Arts of Bahía Blanca 2016, 2013 and 2012 (these last two Mention of the Jury), Yungas (S.M. de Tucumán) and 2015 Biennial of the End of World (Mar del Plata)

It offers seminars, talks and workshops in National University of Rosario, University of Palermo, National University of Mar del Plata, MAR Museum of Contemporary Art of Mar del Plata and MBA MAC Museum of Bahia Blanca.

Since 2013 he has directed Galería Perenne, co-producing works with Roberto Echen, Raúl Flores, Fabian Burgos, Hector Borges, Gabriela Golder, Yamandú Rodriguez, etc. and from 2015 he co-directs Casa Intermitente.

His work is part of the collections of Zapadores - La Neomudejar (Madrid, Spain); Harddiskmuseum (Valencia, Spain) and Espacio A Rojo (Córdoba, Spain); MBA MAC (Bahia Blanca); Isidoro (Coronel Suárez); Atelie 397 (Sao Paulo) and private collectors.